How to create great quality content

Content writing is not rocket science although there is a method to it. The idea is to create something of interest that continues to attract attention. The attention you are seeking is not only from website visitors but also from search engines. The more often the search engines devour your content, the higher your pages will rank. The higher your pages rank, the more often they will appear in search results which in turn generates the traffic you want to your website.

Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? That is if you follow these simple guidelines to creating good quality content that attracts search engines and eventually humans to your website.

1 – Keep It Relevant

Probably the most important factor that will impact how the search engines see, understand and index your website pages is related to relevance. You need to keep the topics aligned with the purpose of the website. For example, if your website is for selling sports memorabilia, your content better be related to sports, collectibles and similar topics. Writing about anything else is going to hurt the way in which search engines will rank your website. If your website is about fishing or outdoor adventures, the content has to be about fishing or outdoor adventures. Writing about movies and food may not fit into the theme of your website. That is unless the movies and food can somehow be connected to fishing and outdoor adventures. Did you understand that?

2 – Keep It Regular

Posting one article a year is not going to be very helpful in attracting new and regular customers to your website. Sure, the ones who have already read your annual blog post may come back but the search engines may not. Search engines perform best when they get a steady diet of new content. This does not mean you are obligated to write a new and engaging article each hour or every day. You can get away with a slightly slower pace. Weekly or monthly at the very least will keep website visitors and search engines coming back.

3 – Keep It Real

Where a lot of web entrepreneurs miss the boat on quality content is by concentrating on technical writing as opposed to personal writing. You want your customers to feel as if you are their friend. When your content writing is honest and personal, it builds trust within the community that follows your website and business. There is far too much copy ‘n’ pasting going on these days and the websites that keep it real are the ones that will be the most successful. Share things with your customers and they will love you for it.

4 – Keep It Flowing

Something that tends to be forgotten in the ongoing game of SEO is that you need to also write content that is not specifically for search engines. In other words, you also need to write like a human for humans. What this means is several different things. Your content needs to flow seamlessly from one part of your website to another. It has to appear to fit in anywhere and have a consistent tone. You can use your content to tell a story to your readers and each new post can be viewed as a continuation of that storyline.

5 – Keep It Useful

One more important factor that should be considered when composing your quality content is to always, always, always make it something of use to the readers. It can be something as simple as a lesson-based post on how you learned to do something that relates to your business but also gives readers a takeaway that they may be able to use themselves. You can spend all your time on technical writing but if your website visitors are seeking some helpful tips or advice, you may not be serving them well without targeting their needs.

How else do you produce quality content?

The simple tips listed here should give you the foundation you need to construct some killer web content. Remember, you are not writing to win awards. You are writing to get the attention of search engines and website visitors. Once they start to understand the regularity of the relevant content you keep publishing on your website, you will see changes taking place. Your website visitor count will slowly increase. And, isn’t that the whole point of creating good quality content?

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