Why Hire a Freelance Technical Writer?

Hire a freelance Technical Writer

Why hire a freelance technical writer?

In a vast majority of IT companies, software engineers spend a considerable amount of time in creating user manual, operations manual, or administrative guides. When it comes to professional services team, they create different sets of documents like UAT, architecture document, customer requirement document, design document, and SOPs.

Due to time spent in creating content, It inhibits engineers from spending quality time doing coding.  Although, writing is certainly not engineer’s niche, inadvertently it gets reflected in the documentation and affects the company’s reputation. This is where freelance writers can play an active role by doing documentation and letting engineers focus on the development. If planned properly, most of the documentation can be handled by a freelance writer.  As long as the company can meet certain basic needs listed below, the documentation can be done offsite.

  • Few hours weekly interaction between the writer & SME.
  • Allow the application to be accessible from the writer’s laptop.
  • Product demo.
  • Access to the design documents, functional specification, and other supporting documents.
Where to look for a freelance writer

You can look for freelance writers via Linkedin or Google. The greatest benefit of having a freelance writer is you save cost compared to a permanent or a contract writer.

Writing is an art as well as science. Most companies hire a novice writer to save cost. If a writer has poor communication skills or imperfect grammar, it leaves bad information experience. We will assign quality writers, with relevant degrees and experience for your project.

What are the freelancing rates

The rates vary depending on the effort and duration of the work. A typical one-month technical writing project will cost from 3000 to 5000 SGD. On an hourly basis, it cost 25 SGD per hour.

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