Looking for a Freelance Technical Writer?

Hire a freelancer

Hiring a freelance Technical Writer

Are you looking for a freelance writer to create technical documentation?  We have a pool of professional writers, copywriters editors, and designers dedicated for your writing projects. The greatest benefit of having a freelance writer is you sign a contract with the writer with expectations clearly defined.

There are additional benefits such as:

  • Flexibility to review author’s work on a small scale before giving further assignments
  • You hire for a set fee
  • No pay for holidays
  • No medical leaves or paid leaves

For a small and medium-sized companies, hiring a full-time writer is a great hassle. It’s not easy to test the quality of writer through interview alone. Writing is an art as well as science. Most companies hire a novice writer to save cost. If a writer has poor communication skills or imperfect grammar, it leaves a bad user experience.

We will assign quality writers, with relevant degrees and experience for your project. If you do not need a writer at your workplace but desire to get the work done offsite, we can help you that way also. Contact us via email: info@ThomasEcafe.com or call +65-82086393 to discuss about your requirements.

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