Steps to Technical Writing


  • Read the Marketing Requirements Document (MRD) and functional specification.
  • On the basis of MRD and functional specs, create a documentation plan.
  • Distribute the plan to the core team members: PLM (Marketing), R&D lead (Engineering), and PM (Program Manager). Request them to review and approve the plan.
  • After the plan is approved, start Interviewing the SMEs to extract the technical knowledge. Ask the right questions in the right way to glean information from different personality types. Request for a demo or join the demo sessions that are given to the sales team.
  • Attend the core team meetings, interact with the application, study the design documents, ask questions to testers/developers.
  • Start writing the first draft.
  • Perform a peer review with other writers if possible.
  • Send the draft to the reviewers identified in the documentation plan.
  • Update the documents as per the review comments. Address all the major and critical documentation CRs and defects identified during the documentation validation.
  • Obtain the documentation approval from the designated reviewers/approvers.
  • Generate the final version.

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