Advantages of Technical Documentation

Advantages of Technical Documentation

Generates awareness – Your primary goal as a biz owner should be to create awareness of your company, product, service or the benefit it offers for your potential audience. The key point here is to create content based on a set of keyword phrases and topics that potential prospects are already searching for online.

You can build awareness through:

  • Blogs, white papers, articles or infographics
  • Testimonials from happy customers
  • Reviews on sites like Facebook, Google
  • Advertising that draws attention to your content

Establishes trust – Product documentation allows you to establish trust with customers. If more people trust you, it will increase your sales. There’s a big difference between someone knowing your product/services and someone trusting you, enough to invest in you or buy from you.

According to Forrester Research, buyers today make their decisions before they engage with a vendor. They inform themselves using websites and social channels. Even when they attend product exhibitions, they evaluate products and solutions on their smartphones and tablets. They avoid salespeople until they are ready. Content influences consumers’ impressions of a company throughout the customer journey. At every step—not just after a sale—what buyers want is useful, authentic, relevant, accurate information that solves problems. Not fluff. Not gimmicks. According to a survey by IBM, almost 89 percent of visitors to IBM’s website for technical product information reported that high-quality technical content was either “important” or “very important” to their initial purchase decision.

Marketing tool – Marketing people need technical documentation to help them connect with their prospects and customers throughout the buying cycle. Hubspot estimates that 60 percent of businesses employ content marketing—the creation, publishing, and sharing of content to acquire and retain customers—as part of their overall marketing strategy. Effective content marketers know that they need to develop different types of content  at each stage of the customer journey, supplying the right information at the right time to help customers make proper choices. Check this white paper about the impact of product documentation in content marketing.

Educates users –  Here are some of the commonly used content materials to educate users:
Newsletter — Weekly or monthly education that nurtures their interest
Presentation — in person or online, these allow prospects to learn as well as engage
FAQs — some people don’t like to read content, they just need the answers to their questions
Case Studies — some people just need to see that others have had similar situations and got the result they desired
Manuals – Most of the users of your product will definitely expect a manual on how to use or install the product.
Quick Start Guide – A shortened version of manual on how get the customers familiar with your product asap.
Troubleshooting –  This can be a standalone document by itself or part of the manual about how to solve problems in your product, by following a logical, systematic approach and make the product or process operational again.
Release Notes – This is a fundamental piece of information that should be part of your product release. It contains  version number, new features, issues, known defects, installation instructions, contact details, etc.

People want to be educated not sold. They will sell themselves if you just commit to educating.

Prevents legal issues – This is another area where the documentation can guide users in using the product safely by providing appropriate warnings. If by the misuse of your product, it causes harm or injury to users, you risk the legal action and can be sued by your customers.

Reduces calls to Tech Support – No company wants to spend money on tech support to answer basic customer questions. If the users are provided with the proper technical documentation, it will be a win-win situation for clients and companies, saving the time and effort of both parties.

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