Advantages of Technical Documentation

  • Establishes trust – It’s hard to imagine a product without a user manual, installation manual, a sales literature, or collateral. We are in the age where people are always looking for information. Every hour there is an explosion of knowledge. If you can satisfy the user’s appetite by sharing the information about benefits, features, how to use the product, how to install the product, FAQs, etc., can you imagine the trust you’re establishing with your customers? It will leave an indelible impression on users that you’re sincere in helping them with the product knowledge and support.
  • Reduced or zero calls to Tech Support – We all know how frustrating it’s to call up a technical support. Taking a phone to call up tech support is the last step. It’s only when all the other methods of communication are used up, users call up technical support. If the users are provided with the information they need at the first place, can you imagine the brand image you’re creating on your customers?
  • Best marketing channel – Have you ever kept product brochures on a shelf? It usually goes to the dust bin. But the product documentation is often treasured. They are not meant for one-time use but like an encyclopedia intended to be referred whenever in doubt.
  • Prevents legal issues – If by the misuse of your product, it causes harm or injury to users, you risk the legal action and can be sued by your customers. This is another area where the documentation can guide users in using the product safely by providing appropriate warnings.
  • Increases sales – Although it’s hard to gauge the monetary benefits, there is no doubt that users will flock to your company if you can win their trust. There will be an increase in sales of the product that have sufficient product literature and relevant technical information in a well-formatted template.

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